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Choosing the best restaurant kitchen supplies ensures that all the bases are covered when doing kitchen outfits. However, different restaurant kitchens may need additional, variant pieces of supplies, depending on the design and size of a given kitchen. 

 Inclusively, we intend to list every restaurant’s essential supplies to build a kitchen, meeting your specific desire for a kitchen design. 

Factors to consider when purchasing Best Restaurant Equipment Canada supplies to build a kitchen 

Before you think of a given brand or model of kitchen supplies to buy, let us dig into a few factors that we must look into; 


Your budget determines whether you will buy an already used or a new supply. While used could be kind to your wallet in the short term, new stores will likely last you longer. 

Ease of cleaning and use 

Your kitchen staff needs suitable kitchen supplies for easy work. If you want to avoid frequent breakage and accidents, buying restaurant supplies that are user-friendly and easy to clean is essential. 

Size and Space 

The commercial kitchen layout determines the size and shape of supplies therein. If you have a spacious layout, you can go for ample supplies. 

Installation and maintenance 

The best is to identify suppliers to help install your restaurant kitchen supplies. You can also inquire if they offer ongoing maintenance, which must be done at some point. 


It’s essential to consider the kitchen supplies to buy. Some stores may wait, while others are the backbone of that business. 

The Types of restaurant kitchen supplies 

First, let us discuss the kitchen display system, which is directly affected by the supply list and will help you build out the expenses section of your restaurant business plan. The kitchen display system is co-joined with the restaurant’s point of sale system, and the supplies are many different models and brands. It is, therefore, essential to get it right during the purchase. The supplies include: 

Ovens: This is a critical piece of supply, with different varieties such as Standard, the basic oven that heats from the bottom. It’s pocket-friendly, although it cooks slowly and may be inconvenient. The conveyor, equipped with a fan that circulates the air, helps cook the food evenly while moving it from side to side. It’s suitable for pizza. Convections are similar to the conveyor, but it cooks food throughout, maintaining its flavour. 

Ranges and ventilators: This is another area of supplies that entirely depends on the kitchen layout. They include induction, which cooks a wider variety of menu items more perfectly than gas ranges. A gas range requires the chefs’ high level of consistency and control. It does the cooking faster than an electric range. The electric one cooks evenly and has no risks if dangers of gas leakage. It is also easy to install. 

Food processors: Food processing could be chopping, slicing, dicing, grating, and others. The four main types of processing supply are buffalo chopper, which is very effective in processing large amounts of meat or vegetables – a combination that makes one batch of processed food. The batch bowl does one set of processed food at a time, and continuous feed is suitable for processing more food. 

Slicers: Electric slicer could be effective for a restaurant kitchen, for doing much slicing within the commercial time. 

Mixers: Effective, especially if the main menu is yummy and baked foods. A standard floor mixer may serve to beat your restaurant kitchen. 

Sharpening stones: Sharp knives are essential in any restaurant. Purchase durable sharpening stones to avoid inconveniences. 

Gas or electric grill: Since gas heat is suitable for even cooking, gas grills are the best for a restaurant kitchen. 

Deep fryer: Many of your consumers love deep-fried staples like onion rings or french fries. A deep fryer is, therefore, the mother of all restaurant kitchen supplies. You can go for a floor model style or a countertop model. 

Fridges and freezers: Food items must be stored at minimum temperatures for durability and safety. 

Sinks: A three-compartment sink is significant for any restaurant kitchen, even if you have a commercial dishwasher installed there. 

Storage racks and shelves: Consider your kitchen organization. You can purchase utility carts, air-drying racks, and stands that make the restaurant kitchen look neat. 

Washing equipment: To avoid clashing with the health department and for the safety of your consumers, install hand and dishwashing areas. 

Safety equipment: The law requires any public place with this equipment for safety purposes. 

Point of sale: This enables you to streamline your operations and uplift your bottom line by managing your inventory, menu, and staff at once. 


With the factors to consider while purchasing restaurant supplies and the list of essential supplies provided, any serious restaurant entrepreneur is good to go.