Month: August 2018

What is the Catholic Church Doing About Declining School Enrollment?

For a long time now the catholic high school enrollment has been on the decline and even in the elementary schools except McCarthy High School This decline can be attributed to different factors but the bottom line is that the decline costs the Catholic Church billions of money every year to cater for the school budget deficits caused by the lack of enough children to pay school fees. However, this is not the major concern for the church, but their concern is the lack of children to guide in the Christian way so that they can become better members of the society and community.

What are the causes of the decline in Catholic high school enrollment?

The Bridgeport diocese conducted a 16 month research of catholic schools that are under enrolled and financially struggling in that diocese. This study found out that the main causes of under enrollment in the schools in due to competition from public schools, the cost of catholic school tuition and a decrease in young families participating in parish life. Although this study was for elementary schools the same findings can be used to explain why the catholic high school enrollment has suffered. Catholic high schools are expensive and out of reach of many parents. This is especially true in areas where the majority of the population is middle or low class earners. This causes the schools to suffer from low enrollment or even shut down completely due to lack of funds to maintain the operation of the school.

The other issue affecting the schools is the model that many were founded on, especially the very old Catholic school The model of the schools where they are stuffed with nuns is outdated. The schools need to change this model and become more modernized so that they can see a change in enrollment.

What are the solutions to counter the decline?

To counter the decline catholic high school enrollment, there are some measures that need to be taken into account. First is to change the model that the schools operate on, making them more modernized and appealing to the mellennials of today. The high schools also need to work together with those that are doing well in enrollment. This working together as one will help the schools doing badly to learn from the ones doing well. Parents also have a part to play. Parents that can afford to pay the tuition in catholic schools should encourage their children to join the catholic schools by showing them the importance of being in a school that provides more than just basic education to them.

The Catholic Church is not taking the decline in catholic high school enrollment without a fight. They are doing everything they can to change the status quo and increase enrollment significantly by building the best private high school in Broward .

Importance of Learning Chinese Language in China

When you want to be efficient in Chinese language, it is advisable to attend a Chinese school in china. This is because when you learn the language in a different country, you are likely to forget what you have learnt fast. Currently many people who are interested in being proficient in Chinese language are deciding to attend a Chinese Language school in China. There are many reasons that have contributed to this paradigm shift. This article reviews and describes the main reasons why many people are travelling to china to learn Chinese language in Chinese schools .

Firstly, Chinese is the second most popular language globally after English First In this case, it is a language that many people are using to conduct their business in the globalised world. Knowing the language therefore will allow you to know how to conduct international business at the global stage. Many people opt to go to china and attend their language schools because of the exposure that they get compared when they learn the language from their home countries.

The second reason why people choose Chinese language in China schools is because they want to increase their employability skills. Many international organizations require that people they want to employ should be proficient at least in two or three international languages. Because Chinese language is the second most popular lingua franca in the world, they opt to learn it so that they get employed in these organizations.

In addition, people want to visit china and learn Chinese language from their schools because they want their remuneration package to be increased. Certain companies increase the salary of workers who are good at Chinese language. The salary increment therefore has acted as an incentive for many people to visit China and learn the language in their schools so that by the time they start negotiating salary increment, they are proficient in the language.

The other reason is the memorable experience that people want to have in their life by visiting China and learning the language from there by enrichment classes in SG for tuition in Chinese The opportunity they will have to visit this country which is a giant in international trade and which has breathtaking cultures will be part of their good experiences in their lives.

Yet, going to china will let you appreciate Chinese culture and hence create more international cohesion among various cultures of the world. The opportunity of staying with the Chinese people, knowing their customs and habits are amazing and eye opening. You get to appreciate the Chinese people well and understand them when you live with them.

Finally, there will be amazing opportunities that will present themselves to you when you learn Chinese language from china schools because at the moment one-fifth of the world population use Chinese language.