Month: January 2022

Learning of English language

 English  is one of the languages  that is widely used in a number of countries all over the world. This has led to the need for people to improve  their mastery of the language  both written  and spoken.  Learning  of English  language  is not restricted  to classroom  setting, it can also take place online. This article focuses  on websites that offer English classes online.

Speaking  of English is very essential  in making international  communications. It opens opportunities  in work, travel and study. For example with this language you can be able to work in several  countries with  much ease since you will not face the challenges  of language  barrier more especially  in Anglophone  countries. The following  are websites  which offer English  classes  online.


italki provides  a platform  where individuals  have conversations  with native English  speakers. All you need is to create an italki account and find language  partners.  This is done for free. After creating  an account you can find English speakers who aim your native language. 

After  finding people  you can contact  each other and arrange for virtual  language exchange at the time when both of you are available.  You  will take turns where you  take some time to talk English so that  you can practice  and then you can take time to talk your native language so that your partner can also practice. 

USA learns

USA learns  provides free English  course for adults. It offers  reading, writing, listening and speaking  lessons. The course also includes  questions  to check  the progress  of learners.  The USA government  funds this course  and that  is why  it is offered for free. This course is handy even to advanced English  speakers.


Engvid has a series of video lessons  for all levels of English  learners. There are more than ten teachers  who make this videos.  These lessons are sorted by topics, proficiency  levels and by the teacher. In this site, you must have at least one teacher who you connect  with.

English class 101

English  class 101 has lessons for all levels  of learning  English. Some episodes  in this site are free while others are not. They offer video  and audio  lessons. The lessons  are taught  by experienced  teachers who are familiar  with English  curriculum.  There is  forum where you can practice  reading  and writing  by communicating  with other  learners. 

Let’s  talk

Let’s  talk has a collection  of video lessons  which are available in you tube. The videos are available  for free. The videos  are about all aspects  of English  language.  The videos  are aimed at teaching  neutral  international  English. 

In conclusion  several sites offer English  lessons online. Any person who wants to learn English  can be taught  and improve  his or her language skills.

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