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“I really enjoyed my experience here. The food and atmosphere were both much better than I was expecting and here’s why.

Walking in you see that it’s just one square room with a hip and classy bar area. We were seated at the last remaining table, which I figured was pretty busy for the night before Thanksgiving. The atmosphere was loud, but not overly so that i became an annoyance. If anything I was at the loud and annoying table. The mood was warm and dimly lit which helped mellow out the noise a bit. Sushi Taiyo will certainly work as a date night destination.

As for the dining experience, the sake was hot, the beer cold and plentiful. Try the Hitachino White Ale, it’s got a nice spicy flavor to balance out the sake and the owl on the bottle is pretty cool. Back to the sushi I’m reminded that the prices were much more reasonable than anything I’ve seen for sushi downtown. We had a mix of sashimi and rolls, none of which disappointed. We didn’t get too adventurous in our dining as I was with a picky eater or two, but everyone left happy, full, and not poor as a result.”

by blake d. 12/02/2009 Yelp

“It is difficult to locate decent Sushi around Streeterville, but I am happy to report that Taiyo is one in a million. My first experience was with the excellent service and several days before I even ordered any food from the establishment. I live in the neighborhood and decided to stop in for a takeout menu.The hostess informed me that the restaurant was very new (as in opened that day), and carryout menus were unavailable. Instead, she simply removed the inserts from the eat-in menu and handed them to me. I was impressed with the menu sacrifice when the typical response would have been, “check our web site.”

Now the most important part: the sushi experience. While I have yet to dine in, the carryout experience was excellent. The sushi is fresh, succulent, and delicious. Taiyo isn’t stingy with the soy sauce either, including it in small plastic cups rather than the usual small packet.

I am very happy that this restaurant is in the neighborhood, and I would highly recommend giving it a try!”

by Eric J. 11/03/2009 Yelp